Spill The Beans Friend

In the vulnerable moments of life one makes a mistake of venting out frustration, relationship issues, secrets or any thing related to personal / professional life before a friend. The person never ever realizes that a blunder has been committed in venting things out to someone. For you the conversation has ended but the other party has already started sharing your secrets and spilling out the beans before others. It could be their friend / family/ strangers / colleagues or people from your inner circle. You vented it out thinking that this person would keep it as a secret and the damage is done. You have no clue how to manage the issues that follow after this. You are in a shock as to how could this person go and blab out your secrets to somebody else.
In the life of every person there is one such person - a so called stupid friend  who keeps on spilling out the beans and blurts out your secrets and makes you feel embarrassed and awkward. These moments are unfortunate and the person who has blurted it out is always babied in the group and people continue forgiving that person. But this does not change the person at all. Instead the person takes forgiveness as a license and continuous with his/ her old habit of sharing secrets. Sometimes such a situation leads to serious consequences too.
Whenever someone vents out something to you, you must understand that they trust you with their secrets. Now it your turn to behave responsibly by keeping your mouth shut. If one keeps on behaving irresponsibly time and again and blurts out your secrets to the world it is high time for you to understand that the person is not worth it and you need to hold yourself in confiding things to that irresponsible friend. Sharing someone's secrets before the world without permission is a breach of trust and the friendship is marred. Remember if you expect your friend to keep your trust and not disclose your secrets; they too in return expect the same from you. Be trustworthy and empathetic towards people in such situations. Be careful in choosing the people before whom you open up. Not everyone is a real friend.


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