Many youngsters have anxiety issues and this is devastating to the person who is suffering from anxiety and also to those around that person. Anxiety never allows us to enjoy the joys of life - one cannot enjoy nature, cannot enjoy the embrace of a dear one nor can enjoy any moment which a normal happy person can. Anxiety is capable enough to take away your sleep. It can keep you glued to itself and you would lose your concentration in your day to day tasks. Once anxiety takes over you, you are not there in what is happening now in the present. Just because you are not present in that moment you can never relish the flavors of those moments.
Anxiety is powerful or say you make it powerful because you never allow yourself to go near or experience the fear that is underlying. You run away from it by dumping yourself body and soul into something - say for example - in eating, in movies, in social media etc. There are many places where you can divert yourself and go. Thus the person tries all means to divert and resist the uncomfortable feeling of anxiety. The more you resist it; the more it is going to have its powerful grip on you. It has the capacity to swallow you like a python and you would be helpless, unable to do anything. You will feel more scared and anxious and slowly and gradually it even starts giving you health issues which arise from anxiety.
The remedy for getting rid of anxiety and the problems that follow it is to do the opposite of what you think you should do.You must feel those emotions fully. The moment you do so, anxiety starts losing its grip over you as you are now aware of what you must do. Now once you realize the fear you know what can you do rather than being anxious. You will no longer be afraid of 'being afraid'. Its a natural process in everyone's life and you too are like others. Love your anxiety and yourself. Once this happens all anxiety will dissipate and become powerless.
We need to understand that this is a mental disorder and a person suffering from anxiety around us requires medical assistance and above all the support of near and dear ones. It can be cured through a psychologist / psychiatrist or even through NLP techniques. The person needs emotional support from friends and family in order to get rid of this. Empathize with the person by providing love, care and support rather than passing judgements.


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