Deal the Right Way

   All that the eye sees is never the truth and all that glitters is not gold. But still we keep on believing the opposite. In the process we always hurt our near and dear ones. It has been an observation that whatever is happening around us is never the reality or the truth. Humans as we are; cruelly judgmental about others and not at all empathetic. We speak of so much but we barely prefer to listen. Most of the times we just hear; we never listen. When we talk of empathy we always keep on putting ourselves at the front to gain empathy. But we don't care a damn to show empathy towards those around us. 
   This is also a reason why people suffer from mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, OCDs and stress related issues. We are all surrounded by people yet we struggle to open ourselves before someone. This is due to the lack of empathy in our self for others and due to the fear of being exposed before someone. We keep on hiding ourselves from others. Despite of having friends, relatives and others in our life we are lonely. Technology has made the world a very small, selfish and ephemeral world. Everything here is for a brief period; still we run after so many things.
   The ones who show their real side are always left alone because people judge them from their angles and just believe what the eyes see. With lapse of time as the real picture is revealed and the world understands why the person portrayed a particular behavior the damage is already done. The victim either takes an extreme step or sometimes is suffering severely - physically / mentally. Leave the others aside, we are not even willing to understand our near and dear ones. We keep on finding loopholes in them. We never communicate sanely nor are we prepared to listen. 
   Let us make a point to be good listeners and sane communicators when it comes to dealing with people. Not everyone that wears a smile may be happy from within. Not everyone that is unhappy may be genuinely sad. People today are becoming experts in creating a facade. If one is genuinely a friend / dear one to someone; one would definitely understand the reason behind the smile and the tears of a friend in need. The human that has such a friend / dear one is the luckiest person on the planet as that person is never going to suffer from any mental / physical health issues. We need to keep our biases / prejudices / opinions away from every relation of ours and deal in the right way by listening to what the person says and communicating wisely with empathy.


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