Fear of the Unknown

   Life is full of challenges; and we are unprepared most of the times in tough challenging situations. We never know when we may lose a loved one, lose our home / our job / or anything that is dear to us. We take care of our loved ones when they are ill for few days. But what if the illness lasts longer? Can we be cheerful and caring towards them then? No...the stress of the situation threatens our peace of mind and takes away our patience in this challenging situation. It is beyond our capacity to control an illness, prevent earthquakes/ volcanoes/ storms / any natural calamity. But what lies in our capacity is to stay away from despair and fear.
   When in doubt we are opening the door to fear. If it is self doubt it is due to the fear of taking a wrong decision or committing a mistake. We fear that we may fail in an exam or in a competition because we doubt our abilities. When we have a fear of accidents / unexpected / unwanted situations, it proves that we doubt God who is the controlling power of our life. Being untruthful leads to fear. That is the reason people who lie live in constant fear of being caught. To hide one truth a person has to resort to many lies. Why not tell the truth once and for all? We even fear being labelled as a weak person. So despite of not being strong physically / mentally we wear a mask of being strong. Employees fear the employer as they are under the control of the employer. Despite of injustices done they put up with it without demonstrating the courage to speak up.
   Every person is under a fear - the fear of the unknown. This unknown fear does great harm to our body. The body stays tensed always and this leads to many unwanted ailments. We need to live in truth to free ourselves from fear. When we live truthfully, we need not fear of untruth being found out nor fear being caught. Our soul exists in the truth. Truth helps us stay free from fear of everything.


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