There are so many out there in the world who feel it is their moral duty to advice and criticize others for their decisions or actions. These people are so disgusting that they never even realize what they are doing or what effect it has on the person. Some of them react violently, some remain silent and may be some of them even sever their ties with these so called "well wishers" in their life.
   One can try using the 'FOGGING' technique with these well wishers in their life. It is difficult to see anything when it is foggy nor are we able to remove the fog by trying to clear it with our hands or by pushing it away. Fog never resists anything or anyone but still it is strong enough and remains where it is. Similarly be like fog when someone criticizes / advises you. First and foremost accept that with which you agree and appreciate the person's comment. By doing this the person's enthusiasm to criticize/advice you will automatically go down. Agree to that part which you think is true according to your principles and your life situation. Once you react this way the opposite party will believe that you agree to what is being told and not criticize / advice you further.
   This technique even allows you to maintain peace in those disturbing moments. There will be no verbal conflicts further and both the parties can be in peace. It could also be possible that one can even discuss with the other party and try to sort out the issues or differences. These things come up mostly between family members. close knit groups of colleagues or friends and sometimes even at the workplace. But the wisdom lies in learning to tackle these tough critics and advisor in our life who have no idea of how we are living those moments as they never empathize. Try fogging with these people and see the results you get. You will make them feel that you are taking their criticism / advice and consider them as their well wisher. It will keep you away from so much of negativity spread by them and you will be at peace.
    It is better to not enter into any conflicts with such people and understand that it is your life and you have to be on the driving seat in any situation. Don't allow others to drive you. Be a wise driver and take care of your issues/ conflicts/ or anything related to your peace and well being.


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