Mistakes - A Stepping Stone

   We must learn from our mistakes rather than dwelling upon the situation and brooding over them. Mistakes are the stepping stones to success. Yet many of us have a tendency to feel guilty forever by the burden of our mistakes. We can always rectify our mistakes and move ahead in life. Let our mistakes be the force that enables us to mend them and make improvisations in our self. There are different ways in which people connect to their past - either they ignore it by pretending that they never committed those mistakes and some of them even try to forget it. The more one tries to forget the past mistakes; they become festering wounds which will never heal. These wounds will drain your energy and never allow you to do the good deeds of which you are capable of doing.
   To get rid of this guilt of our past mistakes we can identify them and be firmly determined never to commit them again. Separate yourself completely from the situation of the past that led you to committing the mistake. Acknowledge the guilt that you carry and use it as a motivating tool to never commit the mistake again. Do not be overwhelmed by your guilt. React positively to your past mistakes, do not deny the guilt; rather embrace it and use it to improve yourself for a bright future.
   One more year ends today. Resolve not to make the resolutions set by the society and what everyone around us resolves. Strive to be a better person compared to what you were in 2018. Keep improving, keep updating, and try to compete with the SELF rather than competing with others and spreading negativity. Learn from your mistakes and grow by rectifying them. Keep gratitude flowing for every joy that made you smile and every tear that made you strong.
                             A very prosperous and blessed New Year 2019 to one and all.


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