We all get overwhelmed by our feelings at times. When overwhelmed a person either bursts into tears or just does things which will embarrass her / him later. These overwhelming emotions can be due to work load, too much pressure of anything or something that affects you. Sometimes it could also be because of being overloaded with many things to do. We are overwhelmed when we are not able to balance our life. It leads us to stress, anger, makes us touchy and depressed too. It is not necessary that all these could be because of professional reasons; a person can be in an overwhelmed state due to personal reasons too. Sometimes the uncertainties and ups and downs of life too can make a person feel overwhelmed.
  We are in an overwhelmed state because we fear. We live in constant fear of what will happen if...or what will happen if not. Worry, anxiety, overthinking puts us in this state. Life is uncertain, we are always overthinking and sometimes we want quick result. But this is not possible always. Try not to overload your platter with too many expectations from life. Accept whatever comes your way. It is not necessary that there will good times always.
   Keep track of the kind of thoughts you have and see to it that you try to stay away from negativity. it does not mean that there will be no fear or negative thoughts won't come to you. But if it happens accept it, take note of it and leave it there itself. Do not fuel negativity to do harm to your well being. Live in the present and remember - 'To err is human'. Even if  you make mistakes or think negative at times, let it go. Don't let it stick to your psyche. You need to accept , love and be kind to yourself to handle yourself in the challenging situation when you are overwhelmed.


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