Winning Teams

   Humans possess many psychological barriers and due to these barriers they have pre-conceived notions, biases, difference of opinions and varied perceptions. All these if taken at the workplace will definitely affect the people with whom they work. People at the workplace are not able to get along with colleagues and feel trapped into a maze of internal conflicts. Due to this goals are side-tracked and the teams are not able to work productively.
   Team building activities should be taken up by the leaders in organisations to enhance mutual understanding between the team members. All members should be on the same page with reference to the goals of the organisation, project or the leader of the team. This will boost a common understanding among all with respect to their roles as a person and as a team member. The achievement of the goals / targets becomes easy through common understanding.
   Every member should display a responsibility / ownership towards the goals and be aligned towards the goals. It should be clear in the mind of every team member that achieving the goals is the ultimate goal of the team. There should never be unnecessary drama over misunderstandings and egos that makes the existence of the team futile. Through team building one advances as an individual in terms of the skills, knowledge and resources required to fulfill the goals.
   What makes a good and effective team? A team can be effective if and only if there is mutual trust, respect for each other's ideas/ views/ opinions/ comments and when every member of the team cooperates and supports each other by dedicating themselves to the goal and having a social and healthy relation with one another. A lack of all these in a single member can destroy the effectiveness of the whole team. It is also not right to put the onus of team building on the team members. It is also the equal responsibility of the leader of the team to keep the team binded as a cohesive force and lead them towards the goals. The leader should demonstrate the qualities of trust, mutual respect and tolerance towards all. The members will automatically follow the leader and stick to the team through the inspiration and demonstration of the leader.


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