Giving a right handshake to someone can be intimidating for many persons. A handshake speaks volumes about you when you are in a professional setting. Whenever you extend your hand for a handshake plan it in a way that it becomes a part of your introduction. When one extends a hand without a voice greeting, one may give the signal of being aggressive or nervous.
   The Right Method is to take the hand of the person and pump it 2-3 times shaking it from the elbow. When you shake from the shoulder by using the upper arm rather than using the fore arm you are in risk of jolting the person. The grip must be appropriate; not limp and not very strong that the handshake becomes a painful one. Remember to smile and have eye contact while giving the handshake.
   Business handshakes are very formal and brief. Holding the hand of the other for more than 2-3 seconds can become uncomfortable for the opposite party. The position of the palm should be perpendicular with the thumb up. People remember a wrong / negative handshake for a long time. Women need to be very careful while giving handshakes. Make sure that the handshake is not a limp or a lady's fingers type. A limp or dead fish kind of handshake portrays you as a person with low confidence. In social settings it is not appropriate for women to give a soft handshake. It signals to the other person that he can take control over you. In business context it would imply that the men will focus more on her feminine qualities and not take her seriously. Those women who display more of their femininity in business meetings will never be taken seriously even though there is gender equality in the existing scenario. A woman doesn't need to be masculine but she must avoid signals of femininity that portray her as submissive. Such women lose their credibility.
   In business introductions always use your right hand. A double handed handshake demonstrates trust, sincerity and the intensity of feelings towards the person. It is also called as a politician's handshake and sometimes may seem unfriendly, intrusive with strangers or artificial when done with people whom you barely know / in the first meeting. Make sure the palms are clean and dry while offering them. Sweaty palms are not acceptable and if you face this issue see to it that you make your palms dry with a handkerchief or tissue paper. In case you have had the privilege of shaking hands with someone who has sweaty and clammy hands; never wipe / wash them before that person. It is unacceptable behavior and may make the person feel awkward and embarrassed. The best thing is to discretely wipe them later in absence of that person.
   While giving handshakes make sure your hands are clean and in equal position with the other. As first impressions matter the first hand shakes with your business associates too matter and create an ever lasting impression. Handshakes evolved as a gesture to greet one another or to seal an agreement so make it warm, friendly and positive.


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