Charlie Chaplin was the actor who pioneered body language skills through his silent movies. An actor was labelled good or bad by the expertise with which s/he used body signals and gestures to communicate to the audience.
The most influential pre- twentieth century book 'The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals' written by Charles Darwin gained great popularity when it came to learning body language because it produced the modern study of facial expressions and body language which have been accepted by the researchers all over the world.
According to Albert Mehrabian, a researcher of body language, the total impact of a message is 7% verbal (only words), 55% non verbal and 38% vocal (tone, inflection and other sounds).
"It's how you looked when you said it, not what you actually said".
Ray Birdwhistelle, an anthropologist pioneered the study of Kinesics - that is non verbal communication. According to him, humans can recognise and make around 2,50,000 facial expressions. Too big a number? Yess that's how interesting is this study of non verbal communication. Anything that one sees of a person can never be judged in isolation. Instead one needs to observe non verbal communication in a cluster to know the real intent/ meaning/ person. Be a body language watcher and enjoy learning more about it.


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