Be Balanced

   Recall the moment when you have a firm grasp to avoid a pothole while riding a bicycle. You hold tight to avoid the fall by balancing yourself properly. It is this balance that saved you from the fall. Balancing yourself in this age of competition and flux is the need of the hour. Life has its own share of turmoil, challenges and unwanted twists and turns. Retaining your equipoise when in tough times / when things conspire against you makes you a winner. Each one of us needs to stay balanced. Train the mind through practice to remain calm and composed in order to stay balance and manifest the stillness which makes you triumphant and feel glorious. Only when the agitation within the mind ceases calmness will prevail. Living with such a mind changes your life and will make you feel liberated.
   The balance will reflect in everything you do - your thoughts, speech, behavior, diet and the way you live life. You will be filled with joy, you will be mindful and do things with affinity. One needs to be vigilant all the time to keep this balance as one negative thought has the power to disturb your equilibrium. You will be back to square one if you do not guard yourself from negative thoughts. If this happens you will again get into the vicious cycle of poor health, bad relations and bitterness in your heart; you will start attracting negativity because you are vulnerable  as the mind is restive again. Make it a rule to stay balanced and strive hard for it. This will help you to manage yourself in tough situations, unwanted crisis and all sorts of negativity.


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