Heal Yourself

   Our life is full of sweet - bitter memories; and we humans focus more on the bitter / negative aspects / memories. We remember the positive events for a very short time and the negative events imprison our minds for a long time. Confucius once said, 'To be wronged is nothing, unless you continue to remember it.' But human as we are, we focus more on negative events / inevitable experiences. Life is a mixture of positive and negative but still we dread the negative events and relish the positive events with immense joy.
    We are able to accept the day to day minor wrongs but the grave ones leave an indelible impact over our lives. They are nurtured as wounds by us and keep on reminding us about the trauma that we faced in that particular negative / bitter incident of our life. The behavior that is prompted by any person during the trauma is that some may take pleasure in self pity by nursing the wound for a life time or some may become bitter, vindictive and cynical. They even blame and curse people / circumstances by harboring grudges. But can this help us to get a relief from the trauma / misfortune? Instead this causes us immense harm. We develop a tendency to keep on mentally revisiting that traumatic / negative event and become oblivious towards the joys of the present. We get anchored to our past and it is not less than being in a grave.
   Obsessed with this event we get consumed by frustration, anger and resentment that is deeply rooted in our psyche. It is difficult to retaliate and lot of time and energy is squandered. This clutter which is toxic for us gets settled in us and makes way for a plethora of psychological, emotional and physical aberrations. We are more prone to a variety of psychosomatic disorders. It is easy to say that forgiveness is the key to these problems. But forgiving doesn't come easily; and the moment we forgive and let go we are set free from all the rage and bitterness that had gripped us into its clutches. We are at peace with ourselves and calmness prevails over us. Taking the help of spiritual / motivational books / videos also can be a great support in these testing times. What is done cannot be undone but not nursing and let going of the painful event can at least help us to live a new life with peace, joy and positivity for our benefit. Do not play a victim; instead sack out the villainous characters / events from your life and emerge as a winner for healing yourself.


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