Time and again God, the Almighty takes away from us what we have had. It could be a relationship, a job, an ability or anything that we hold on. We feel everything that we possess is eternal and ours. But God takes it away; his taking it away is a way to make us realize that 'it was God's grace and it was never yours'.
This holds true for each and everything we possess. It is true with our relations too. Eventually whether we like / dislike we keep losing our relations too - either through death or any other reason. When we begin to lose our relations we try making the grasp firm; because we feel sad and deprived of the person without whom we cannot live. When faced with such situations, one needs to ask a question to the self - What is it that I will take with me? The answer would be NOTHING. We have no control over death which very cold bloodedly separates us from every ability / wish / person / cherished possession. Grasping tightly to things makes us realize that this is a futile exercise which we are doing. It teaches us the value of getting detached from everything. This will save us from being sad / bitter / feel like a loser.
To practice detachment one needs to have a spiritual connect with God, the Almighty. God has the power to make us able to bear the loss. God's existence itself in our heart, body and soul will make us competent enough and make his divine presence pervade everywhere around us. Stay alive; stay detached and do not fear any loss. 


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