Self Love

   When one does not love the self, one keeps on trying to prove something to someone - that you are a good person, a good partner, a good employee or a good parent. But the fact is unless and until one doesn't learn to love the self , you will forever run yourself ragged and never feel complete. One may play blame games by blaming the self, or by thinking that one lacks being organized enough, that you are not able to take correct decisions and many other escape mechanisms that will give a boost to your self destructive pattern of negative thinking. Why does one need to say 'yes' to someone for doing a task even though you don't have the time, energy or desire to help. It is because you don't want to disappoint the ones who count on you. But its OK to refuse help at times. Its OK to ask for help when you do not have time. Do not put yourself in such an unloved state that you keep on hating yourself more and more. Set priorities and make your SELF the top most priority.
   People even have a tendency to keep on cursing the self no matter how good one is. The person feels that he / she is not enough. It means that the person feels that people do not genuinely love or respect you. Whatever you do is not enough to keep others satisfied. If the person is single it shows up in the sinking feeling which you get whenever your partner is acting distant or when you worry waiting for their next call. If you are in a relationship it means that you would seethe with jealousy whenever your partner talks about another person or pays attention to others. At the work place it means lacking appreciation or respect for your contribution. At home it could be second - guessing how you treated your children - did I say  the right thing? Am I a bad parent? and so many other questions that are enough to break your moral.  
   One thinks that all these problems are due to a wrong relation / job / out of control kids. But actually these are all the symptoms of a mightier problem - that you do not love yourself. Not loving the self is a symptom of the so many things mentioned above. Start loving the self and things will automatically start changing. It is not necessary to feel exhausted all the time. If you love yourself you will never feel inadequate in any area of life. Learn to tap into who you really are and accept yourself fully. 


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