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Yes Sir / Yes Madam

Have you ever come across persons who are 'Baba Black Sheep Managers?' This phrase means a person who is always saying Yes Sir, Yes Sir / Yes Mam, Yes Mam, The eponymous character in the nursery rhyme was able to answer the question asked to him in the rhyme but in real life when persons keep on saying Yes Sir, Yes Sir for anything that is conveyed / told to them; it acts as an impediment to effective communication. I wonder how do people fall into this trap of saying 'Yes Sir, Yes Mam'. Most of the time it comes out of nervousness when one is required to address a senior. They may sometimes even want to behave respectfully. This particular behavior of a person may backfire as it puts off the person who is being addressed. Rather than being taken as showing respect towards someone; the person may appear  submissive or may be even as a flatterer. Sometimes a senior may also assume it to be a part of your skill to show that you are lacking in the information / knowle

Reading To Learn

As per a recent survey of the top billionaires; it was found that seven out of ten of them had formed a habit to read since their childhood. People who are associated with creative fields and those who have achieved landmarks had also inculcated the habit of reading since a very tender age. Out of the top five most read writers, Geoffrey Archer being one of them, said in an interview, ' All the genius people  who are related to creative forms of expression have a habit of reading and would always strive to spare time to read amidst their busy schedule. Be it a writer or a director, but if the person is lazy when it comes to reading; then that person is not an artist but just a mere technician". According to modern science, there are three advantages of reading: 1. Reading is the greatest time saving weapon.According to psychologists reading makes one enjoy and experience all the emotions which would take years to experience as a person. Reading helps us to save these year

Woman - The Primal Hero

To each and every woman "The stigma of our society and the dogmatic world around you has made you forget your self worth. Tap your hidden reservoir and heal the 'hurt well' within you. This well is full of anger, sadness, fear and so many other traumas which you have gone through. You have hardened and burdened yourself through the storms that came into your life. Break free from these obstacles and rise above them. Make peace an intimacy with yourself. Laugh a lot. Seek abundance. Dance more, relax more, exercise more and eat right. Be of help to other women around you rather than bitching around or feeling jealous. Stop behaving like enemies with one another. You are a primal hero who is above your limitations; seek yourself and love yourself. You do not need any validation from those around you. Embrace your flaws and keep going to achieve everything you desire." You are an eternal celebration not a one day hype for the world. Love and prayers for  all the l

Our Thoughts At Play

   To push ourselves out of negativity we tell ourself and others - 'THINK POSITIVE'. But do positive thoughts come that easily? To remain positive always people try various things - like meditation, exercise, venting out and seeking advice from others, following their religion and even taking the help of psychologists. How long does one survive on these techniques? We are not able to keep ourselves positive even though we tried the above mentioned techniques. But this is not what real spirituality demands from us. Real spirituality lies in the fact that you just be an observer and observe the kind of thoughts that come rather than critically analyzing them as positive / negative.    We must feel the thoughts and experience them instead of labeling them as positive / negative. Let them come and go because the more we try to suppress them / stop them they will attack us in our weak moments and make us their slave. When one has negative thoughts; one needs to understand it