Our Thoughts At Play

   To push ourselves out of negativity we tell ourself and others - 'THINK POSITIVE'. But do positive thoughts come that easily? To remain positive always people try various things - like meditation, exercise, venting out and seeking advice from others, following their religion and even taking the help of psychologists. How long does one survive on these techniques? We are not able to keep ourselves positive even though we tried the above mentioned techniques. But this is not what real spirituality demands from us. Real spirituality lies in the fact that you just be an observer and observe the kind of thoughts that come rather than critically analyzing them as positive / negative.
   We must feel the thoughts and experience them instead of labeling them as positive / negative. Let them come and go because the more we try to suppress them / stop them they will attack us in our weak moments and make us their slave. When one has negative thoughts; one needs to understand it as a reflection of negativity within us and face it bravely. Work over yourself to become positive but never try to drain your energy by trying to fight the negative thoughts. It will lead to insomnia and depression. Avoid putting them under the carpet because the negative thoughts seek a release from their center.  The process of witnessing these negative thoughts and still remain positive is a beautiful path to be traveled upon. Negativity in itself is very beautiful with its value and importance with reference to everything that happens in our life.
   The art lies in witnessing the thoughts even though this is a spiritual affair. Telling someone to 'think positive' is an ideal advice but being watchful and a witness to your thoughts we form a habit of not getting attached to them. Be it positive or negative; one cannot negate anything but just listen to the hidden message in that moment. Enjoy the moments / ups & downs of life in it own beauty and grandeur without focusing on the aspect of positive / negative.


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