Reading To Learn

As per a recent survey of the top billionaires; it was found that seven out of ten of them had formed a habit to read since their childhood. People who are associated with creative fields and those who have achieved landmarks had also inculcated the habit of reading since a very tender age. Out of the top five most read writers, Geoffrey Archer being one of them, said in an interview, ' All the genius people  who are related to creative forms of expression have a habit of reading and would always strive to spare time to read amidst their busy schedule. Be it a writer or a director, but if the person is lazy when it comes to reading; then that person is not an artist but just a mere technician".
According to modern science, there are three advantages of reading: 1. Reading is the greatest time saving weapon.According to psychologists reading makes one enjoy and experience all the emotions which would take years to experience as a person. Reading helps us to save these years and prepares us for the problems of life. Man cannot experience his surroundings by dying but through reading he can have that experience too. Reading makes you experience everything as per different age periods and saves your time.
2.  The habit of reading has a great impact on your communication and behavior. We never realize how rude / how bad we are to someone unless someone treats us in the same way. Reading improves our logical thinking too. Psychologists say that a person who reads regularly has the ability to put across his views before others and people are willing to listen to him / her. The person has good convincing abilities to get the message across. According to Steven Spielberg, the greatest advantage of reading is that it helps to develop your understanding towards circumstances. This understanding increases as you continue to read more and more. The person has the ability to face the good and the bad chapters of his / her life.
3. Reading gives us courage. Through reading we come across so many things which we do not know / have not experienced in our life. Psychologists say that the biggest fear of man is to to be unsuccessful in life. A person could be unsuccessful because of business / failed relations / loss of dear one etc. Reading gives you motivation and courage to handle all the battles and failures of life.
Most of the people do not have this habit of reading. Reading opens new vistas for us, it helps us to widen our horizons and learn more and more with every thing that we read. Make it a habit to read at least 4 -5 pages from a book and try to increase the number of pages when you get into the habit of reading. Reading helps you to increase your vocabulary and helps you to master a language too.


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