Woman - The Primal Hero

To each and every woman
"The stigma of our society and the dogmatic world around you has made you forget your self worth. Tap your hidden reservoir and heal the 'hurt well' within you. This well is full of anger, sadness, fear and so many other traumas which you have gone through. You have hardened and burdened yourself through the storms that came into your life. Break free from these obstacles and rise above them.
Make peace an intimacy with yourself. Laugh a lot. Seek abundance. Dance more, relax more, exercise more and eat right. Be of help to other women around you rather than bitching around or feeling jealous. Stop behaving like enemies with one another.
You are a primal hero who is above your limitations; seek yourself and love yourself. You do not need any validation from those around you. Embrace your flaws and keep going to achieve everything you desire." You are an eternal celebration not a one day hype for the world. Love and prayers for  all the leading women who have shaped me as a person and inspired me always.


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