CV of Failures

   Tim Herrara, Editor of the New York Times Smarter Living recommends that time and again we must take a stock of our failures at the professional front because we learn a lot by our past mistakes. Our mistakes bring us face to face with the bitter yet inevitable truth that - there is no short cut to success nor is there any straight line to success. In 2010, Melanie Stefan, a lecturer at the University of Edinburgh came out with her 'CV of Failures' in an article for the journal Nature. Her only intention in doing this was to make others realize the setbacks of their life at the professional level.
   If one begins to make a CV of Failures; I am sure it would be longer than the CV of Success. It will seem depressing when you are putting it on paper but it will definitely remind you of the missing realities / truths. Your CV of Failures would be inspiring for people who have lost hope in life. Experts say that maintaining such a  CV is a powerful key to your professional growth. To achieve success one also needs to taste failure as it is the stepping stone to success. The times when we fail can be utilized by doing something fruitful or by updating our self by learning a skill.
   I do not speak this without any proof; I say it because I have experienced it myself in life. It is difficult but not impossible. Difficult because coping up with the tough phase is not everyone's cup of tea. Your heart wrenches you every moment through turbulent thoughts yet one has to be strong and firm towards the larger goal of your life rather than basking in the glory of the past success. What is the charm of life if it is full of roses only? Roses should be accompanied by thorns in the form of failures to remind us that 'Life is not just a bed of roses'.


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