Happy Thoughts

   Very often when asked about our happiest moments; each one of us has to think a lot to find them. But if someone asks us about our saddest moments, we have a list to tell them. Why is it so that we remember our saddest moments instead of remembering our happiest moments. According to Neurobiology these sad / bad / unpleasant memories occupy our thought process. The socio - biological reasoning behind this is that we humans have invented many ways and resources to ward off danger / predators / enemies. This instinct made us develop a control through which we controlled our surroundings. This controlling instinct carried with it a baggage of thoughts of how to control others who harm us and in turn be harmed by them too. These bad thoughts led to traumatic events and thus occupied a major portion of our brain.
   When a person starts aging, the anxiety within the person starts increasing because of the unpleasant memories that have occurred in her / his life. These unpleasant memories have the power to overshadow the happy moments which we have lived in our life. It has been observed that as the anxiety induced thoughts increase they can increase the number of angry and negative thoughts within a person. It seems as if our brain has got into a spiral of negative thoughts leading to depression. Due to this we have many memories which are anxiety - driven rather than having more of pleasant memories. So we get one bad thought after the other which leads to our mind being in a agitated state.
   To decrease the number of sad thoughts in us we must think of our happy thoughts. Focus on a single thought at a time, try to break the mental knots to focus on a single thought of happiness to decrease the traumatic memories. According to Patanjali, "To be free from thoughts that distract one from yoga, thoughts of an opposite kind must be cultivated". This is worth implementing rather than trying to suppress our thoughts as suppressing them increases the psychological knots within the person. Suppression does not make us free from those thoughts; instead it makes them powerful memories within us. A constant endeavor to increase our happy thoughts can help one in getting rid of anxiety - driven thoughts.


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