Benefits of Meditation for Women

   Through meditation one can condition the mind to focus and deeply think in the moment. Meditation has the power to keep our mind in control in those moments of solitude. It is a tool of longevity that decreases the pace of the body and acts as a catalyst to increase the pace of the mind.
   A woman who meditates can have an eagle's eye as there is so much going on within in one moment. Eagles are a privileged species who can soar  very high to get the bird's eye by keeping a detailed magnified perspective. And this  is a skill that every woman must possess.
   The soul of a woman understands the language of meditation as women are more inclined towards religion as compared to men. It is while meditating that we close all outward sources of distractions and focus  inward to listen to the soul's voice or the self. The soul acts as a woman's guide through the intuitive powers which every woman possesses and which is very strong in her
   The mood of a woman can be elevated through meditation and results in better nerve connections for a  long time. Meditation helps to increase brain  activity and our grey matter; thus stimulating the mind positively.
   Just because women  are emotional and feel more - be it at home, with friends or at  the workplace; she is under too much pressure.  This pressure takes a physical toll on her. It has been proven through research that meditation is a mood buster, it calms the mind, helps to reduce stress level, give a sound sleep, is beneficial in increasing the  dopamine and serotonin levels in the body and above all it acts like an anti aging pill which cannot beat anything.
   One can meditate by using breathing techniques / do a guided meditation / chanting. But what is essentially important to meditation is mindfulness. Any woman who is multi tasking has to first and foremost balance her chakras mindfully and learn to slow down and invest in herself to achieve calmness.


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