Detached Love in Relations

   The world would be like a mechanical contraption if there is no love around. Love keeps the world going and alive. But what if if most of the love we get is just attachment and not love? What are the ways through which we express love? We do it by taking due care of the ones we love, by making them feel unique and special in every way and always wishing the best for them. Words too are a means to express love and it is very necessary that we all express our love towards our near and dear ones through words. There are many of us who get relief just by words of our loved ones. There is only one lubricant for all our relationships - and that is love.
   Love can get converted into an intense attachment towards a relation and attachment is negative. If my child is sick I tend to him till he becomes alright. This is love for my child. But even after he is alright I keep on worrying about him and fall sick that is my attachment towards the child. This is negative and cause problems between mother and child or between any relation. When there is attachment we can never see the bad / negative qualities of the person. We may have seen many mothers who neglect the bad / negative side of their child. Love is when we take due care; attachment creates a strong bondage. Attachment binds whereas love liberates. When we are attached to someone we restrict their freedom. This is counterproductive.
   We need to assess ourselves and our relations to find which relation is an attachment and where is real love. Relations must be nurtured with genuine love and care by unfolding the positive qualities and eliminating the negative qualities. It must be an expression of our selfless love rather than a bondage for our loved ones. One must stay away form attachment and sow love in relations to have long lasting relations where we are remembered for our selfless care, concern and love towards our dear ones. Get detached and let your loved ones blossom by your love; do not strangle them with your attachment.


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