Eye Opener for Life

    The year 2016 which made my professional life zero was something out of the blue for me and my family.  I resigned from the institute where I had been working since 2005. It was a like a catastrophe which struck my world and everything seemed so blur. The reason for resigning were the rumors which had been hurled into the air of the place by a handful of persons who knew it in their hearts that everything was baseless. It was the time where I came to know who are my real friends and who are the fake ones.
   We always live in an illusion when it comes to knowing the people around us. There are so many around us who show us that they are our friends but actually they are not. They are just taking advantage of your position and trying to please you through their words. They genuinely never ever feel anything for you nor get attached to you as a friend. I never realized this before I resigned in January 2016. The ones whose support I expected were there with me in my good time due to my position as the Head of the Department as well as wife of the Campus Director. The days when this whole incident was going on; my so called friends barely came to me nor did they support me in any way. What good are such friends if they believe people and their rumors? A friend is one who never leaves your side even in the worst of circumstances. But my so called friends at the previous institute had already abandoned me before I resigned. Along with me there was a whole group of around 45 persons who like me became victims of the trust politics and had to resign. They all were alone without the support of their so called friends.

   All said and done nothing was proved as none of us were guilty of anything but the masks from many faces whom we considered our friends fell off and their true colors emerged. This incident was an eye opener for life. It made me ponder over the bitter fact that life has no certainty and no matter who you are people are going to use your goodness for their benefit always. There will rarely be genuine ones who are your friends for life. In these 3 years I learnt and understood so many bitter truths and lessons of life.
   A true friend is one who takes care of you, understands you the way you are, never leaves your side even in the darkest phase and supports you through thick and thin. A real friend will never feel sad in not being a part of your happiness but will be deeply saddened if she / he cannot be your support in tough times. A real friend never pays heed to what others say about you but will trust you always.
   A question keeps popping in my mind what about the hurt those so called friends gave you? What about the memories which you have with them? These things tear me apart. I feel very angry on myself for not understanding such undeserving people and for allowing them an entry in my life. But what's done cannot be undone and I have deleted them from my contacts and shut myself completely from their memories. They were the ones who listened to what a bunch of insane people told them without knowing the truth. The relation was severed the moment they believed these rumors and never came forward to support me. This incident even gave me many friends for life and I am grateful to God, the Almighty for showering his abundant blessings upon me in the disguise of my friends. 
   I was requested by one of my dear persons in my life to write on the topic of friends who are credulous and believe everything that has been told by people and break the bond of friendship. It would be incomplete without thanking my friends who are my strength in life and who always supported me and my family through thick and thin. They never tried to pull me down in life but always encouraged me at every step.


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