Happy Mother's Day

   Being a mother has taught me so many lessons which I never paid heed to when I was a child. I have understood so many bitter facts / lessons of life after being a parent. I remember the time when I was a child and how stubborn I was. Brutally outspoken, full of life, very much pampered by all but I still remember that whatever the circumstances I was the darling of my mother. Neglecting everything I did, from ill treating her, retorting to her and doing everything to displease her she never left my side. I could feel her warmth and blessings in every pain, in every joy and in every moment of my life.
   You never understand what it is to be a parent unless you become one. How tough it would have been for my mother to cope up with a child like me. I have many times spoken to mom about what I feel now after becoming a mother. You grow as a mother as the child grows and learn many things through this phase. But the quality of being emotional and affectionate towards the family sometimes afflicts too much burden on a woman. Her motherly qualities make her do things for others which she may never be acknowledged for. I witness so many families where the children never think of wishing the mothers, they do not even like to talk to their mothers. For them just because the mother keeps on discharging her duties she is just taken for granted. Motherhood is not a one day celebration; its an eternal joy to celebrate in every family by every child who has a mother.     
   You never realize the importance of your mother until you lose her. Then why wait for that tragic moment? Why can't the children be expressive towards their mother and make her feel happy and valued? A smile on the face of her child is the only thing that any mother keeps on praying for. But the same children never even bother to take care of her. What use are your feelings if you do not show them to the ones you love? A mother demonstrates all her love by ripping her heart out throughout her life but still the child fails to understand and treasure the mother.
   A woman is strong to bear everything in her life and get out from the rough phases of her life. But when she is rejected by her child she becomes lifeless. The generation today is such that one barely finds children who are good enough and wise to understand their mothers. Many mothers today are going through the 'empty nest syndrome'. This is the phase when the children are absorbed in their own life and world which is very far away from the home of their parents. The children stay away due to their education or their careers. There are cases where the mother faces depression and other sickness as she longs for the child. Yet the child is never able to spare time for the lonely parents. The soft nature of the mother despite of being unreasonable and strict at times makes her sad and sick without the child.
   To all mothers who face this - do not keep on worrying and thinking about your child who is a grown up now. Divert your mind in something fruitful which you could not pursue because of your previous engagements towards the child and family. Find happiness in doing everything that you wanted to do but could not. Keep the mind occupied in order to be a healthy mother rather than being an emotional blackmailer for your child because of you sickness. Exercise, stay fit, read books, listen to music, watch movies that you never had time for, get involved with NGOs and do social service, and many more things which you never dreamt you could do in this life.
   To the children of today pay heed to what your mother tells you about you and your life. Your mother knows you better than anyone else and her intuitions for you can never go wrong. Be expressive of whatever you feel; good or bad - your mother can handle it all if she has handled a child like you. Don't wait for occasions; express your love every now and then; it will increase the longevity of your mother's happiness.
   Sending loads of love and good wishes to all the loving mothers on this planet. Stay happy stay blessed always.  


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