Hormonal Imbalance in Women

   Good health can be had by balancing our hormone system which governs our whole body and its functions. The slightest imbalance of hormones in women leads to many health issues which can affect the mental, physical and emotional health. An imbalance is caused only when too many or too little hormones are produced in the body. This delicate balance can easily be disrupted by a wrong lifestyle. In today's age stress is the greatest trigger of hormonal imbalance. When the levels of the stress hormone - cortisol  rise; the release of several hormones like thyroxin, DHEA, testosterone and leptin is suppressed. Thus it becomes crystal clear that as the level of one hormone goes up, the levels of 4 -5 other hormones also falls.
   An imbalance can occur due to stress, chronic anxiety, lifestyle factors like poor gut health, chronic constipation, excessive body fat that stores more estrogen, exposure to chemical through plastic, cosmetics, pesticides, usage of oral contraceptives, hormonal pills, compromised liver function and the most important among all is lack of quality sleep. The symptoms which occur due to hormonal imbalance are irregular periods, infertility, loss of libido, vaginal dryness, mood swings, hot flashes, depression, anxiety, hair loss and thinning, constant fatigue, acne, breakouts, weight gain, facial hair. All these can be cured by hormonal therapy or birth control pills; which are just quick fixes. One must get to the root of the cause and get healed thoroughly. A few tips to get your hormones on track:
1. Get enough sunshine - it acts as a vitamin as well as a precursor to hormones. Our body needs sunlight to synthesize hormones. Through sunshine we get vitamin D 3 and micro nutrients like zinc, magnesium, selenium, and vitamin B 6.
2. Set a sleep routine - Lack of sleep causes irritation, frustration and an increase in food cravings. Every woman needs quality sleep in order to allow hormones recycle and rebalance as you sleep. The cravings increase as the level of hunger hormone ghrelin increases and leads to suppression of the satiety hormone leptin. Due to this many women may find themselves overeating.
3. Deep breathing - Whenever you find your stress level increasing take deep breaths. Deep breathing helps in putting the hormones on track. It helps the body get into a parasympathetic state from the sympathetic state; thus lowering the cortisol level and bringing other hormones back in balance.
4. Eat cruciferous vegetables - veggies which are rich in sulphur help detox the liver and promote estrogen metabolism. So have lot of broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage.
5. Detoxify your environment - Many estrogen mimicking compounds like BPA are present in our environment in the cosmetics. detergents, floor cleaners, plastics, perfumes and non stick cookware used by us. Prefer to store water in steel, glass or clay pots. Buy organic or GMO fruits and veggies to cut down your exposure to estrogen.
6. Dairy products - They are risky today as animals are pumped with growth hormones and estrogen to increase milk produce. Go for organic hormone free milk that helps you to avoid the hormone imbalance. Have paneer, tofu, cheese and milk to be healthy.
7. Exercise - Last but not the least never miss exercising. Be it in any form - brisk walking, jogging, hitting the gym or a sport of your choice. This will keep you happy, energetic and alive in every way.
A healthy woman can give her best to her family and her work. So take care of yourself and stay fit and healthy.


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