Learn Constructively

   We humans are not able to digest if anyone around us gives us feedback - be it positive or negative. We always want to answer back or give clarification to the person regarding our failure to do something. Are we right in justifying when we have not been able to do justice to the task which we were supposed to do? During the Practice Teaching sessions today, one of the classmates after completing the lesson began proclaiming to the class - "Now let's see who gives me negative feedback? I am going to take revenge on that person when it is my turn to give feedback." I was shocked and asked the classmate - who are you to do this? He replied, it has to always be so; if someone is going to give me negative feedback I will do the same. I asked, " Why did you come here if you never wanted to learn from your mistakes?" He replied, 'I will learn but I will take revenge also. 
   If this is the mentality of a learner, how far will he / she go in life in any field? Is this what a person should do if given a negative feedback? Why can't people take feedback in a constructive way and try to eliminate the drawbacks? A learner has to be eager to learn at any cost. Be it any adverse condition; the learner needs to focus on what is to be done for improvement ahead rather than piling up all the negativity towards the feedback given. This way a learner creates disharmony within his / her group. Learning never comes easy. It is not a bed of roses. To learn, one needs to be like an inquisitive child and keep on improving for the better. Learners should never hold grudges for the ones who give them suggestions / feedback. This will make them bitter towards others and will feed their minds with negativity. Take the feedback constructively and try to improvise without bitterness or resentment towards the person who gave it to you. To be a learner be open to learning from everyone around you - big / small. You will benefit the most. Speak less; act more. Ponder over your shortcomings and try to make a positive change. Be positive in every way as a learner so that you remain a life long learner of the university of life. 


  1. absolutely correct if you want to learn you have to be open minded. Negative remarks should be welcomed & try to overcome


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