Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

   All of us are so comfortable and carefree being in a comfort zone of our choice. This leads to trouble when we face adverse situations. No matter however adverse the situation is we humans are wired to tackle it and face it through a variety of jugaads. For some of us our home and our room is a comfort zone. Some are comfortable amidst their family members and feel threatened when with strangers or someone they know but are not friendly with them. My comfort zone is that where I am able to follow my routine and go about smoothly with my day completing each and every task that I do for me, for the home and for my family. Like all of us change is difficult for me to digest. I do not like changes in my schedule; be it my meal time, my work time or anything that needs to be done regularly.
   But now that I am away from home in a hostel at EFLU, Hyderabad for the Post Graduate Certificate in the Teaching of English (PGCTE) Contact Programme of 1 month, I feel bewildered facing the transition. I have stepped out of my comfort zone after many years and this makes it difficult for me do many things which I had done long back. It's not that I never understood or knew how life is in a hostel but being in a hostel after so many years again is a tough challenge now.
   This made me realize the way we humans bask in the joy and comfort of our comfort zones. Each and every one of us must have had this phase in life as a student but facing such challenges after a gap of many years teaches us many new lessons in life and makes us value the importance of things that we leave while stepping out of our homes. To realize one's potential. one must step out of the comfort zone even though it feels paralyzing to many of us. It feels so because we are anxious and uncertain about ourselves. We do not trust ourselves and panic at the transition that comes in our life.
   One's desire for change is directly associated with one's level of comfort. The stronger is the desire for change; there is more discomfort as you move towards an unknown path. This transition is necessary for every one of us in order to reflect over ourselves, spend time with ourselves and for people like me to be lifelong learners. I wish to die as a lifelong learner learning new things, new courses, exploring new areas of interest and enabling myself to become better day by day in everything I do. I was unsure and anxious about myself because of the difficulties of the hostel life but today now at this moment I feel as if I have conquered the world. I am ready to begin learning from tomorrow and aim to achieve the targets which I have set for myself. I know I am very strong and able to fight any battle that life gives me and emerge as a winner.


  1. It's good thought shared. I doubt on how to identify persons who constantly are looking forward learning?!!

    1. Thanks Bhasker....people who look forward to learning vl nvr waste time in trivialities and are good listeners and observers.

  2. It's necessary to move from comfort zone to achieve big..

  3. Keep streching yourself let any zone be your comfort zone...nice thoughts

  4. 1 year outside the comfort zone can be much more amazing than 10 years inside the comfort zone!


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