Conditioned Minds

   We humans are all conditioned to live a life with the same age old beliefs, rituals and a herd mentality that makes our mind function on a set pattern. Our education system is a good example of this because the knowledge that is imparted from generation to generation is barely modified / updated. The conditioning which are within us never give us a holistic perception of our existence due to which we live a fragmented life wherein we have compartments. These compartments are never in sync with each other but always in opposition to the other compartments. The result is that every human suffers from opposing thoughts and emotions due to which our decisions oscillate between extremes. The conditioning has deformed us in many ways.
   Instead of oscillating between extremes why don't we try to understand the push and pulls of life. To dissolve confusion and gain clarity we need to have an understanding that helps us discern right from wrong. This discernment in turn will give us freedom from our responsibilities, duties, challenges and troubles. Life is not worth living without freedom and freedom eludes a conditioned mind. When we give into our conditioning we reject learning - of the fact / situation / state of the person. This behavior poses many problems to each and every human. We need to break the shackles of conditioning that has already been inbuilt and be open towards things. Be open towards the changes that are occurring and accept them. No traditions / customs / beliefs / scenarios are greater than humanity. Humanity is above all in the world because humanity is what keeps a person alive. If one doesn't change with time one will be isolated and never have a clear perception of things around. Be open, be flexible, have a clarity of the things that happen around you and try to learn new things rather than being rigid with a conditioning.


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