Someone Special

   One must learn to respect / love / care for that special person who never lets you down despite what the person is going through.  But humans as we are; we always take that special person for granted. We do not have time to talk to that person, we do not pay heed to what the person wants nor do we have gratitude in our heart for having such a person who always stands by us against all odds.
   There are people who take the special person so much for granted that they keep on pushing that person away from themselves. I wonder why people like this have no consideration of any kind for a person who does everything to make them happy. What can the other person do in such circumstances? I suppose that if treated this way any person will naturally withdraw and suffer within. This suffering suffocates and is never ending.
   It's one life we have - either we make it or we break it. Why not enjoy the blessing of having someone who cares, respects and above all loves you immensely. But humans as we are we realize this only when the person departs from our life. I hope you are not doing this to someone who always stands by you against all odds - of your nature, your life and above all your behaviour towards him / her. Never lose the special person in your life.


  1. True
    Person hoo can totally involved his all task do for someone life special
    That person never wanna go away from your life
    Hi was part of life and part of hert bit

  2. Very well written and forced mere to ponder on my behaviour with many people.

  3. I was doing to someone but now i have started giving importance to that someone


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