Unstoppable Me

   Ninety nine times before today when I equipped myself to begin writing; little did I know that I would continue to write with utmost discipline. Today as I write this hundredth blog I am filled with gratitude. I wonder how did I do this, when did I get the time to write and what did I lose in the process.
   Truly speaking, whenever a person begins a new venture and continues with it, lot of discipline and diligence is required and he / she has to abstain himself / herself from so many things to focus on the new venture. A painful yet fulfilling experience. Sometimes it becomes difficult to cope up with the noise - physical / psychological that arises in you. One requires immense perseverance to remain glued to what one started. There were times when I was busy throughout yet could not sleep as I had not written my blog for the week. But I was determined not to quit. I was intrinsically motivated and that helped me to continue with this journey of blogging.
   There were friends who were eager to know on what topic will I write this week. The admiration, motivation and praise from all helped me to sustain myself in this venture of my life. I thank all my family, friends and everyone who reads my blogs and shares his / her feedback over it. It means a lot to me and a learner that I am, I will strive to improve myself based on the feedback given to me.
   Gratitude, gratitude and gratitude to God, the Almighty as I know and believe that I am his favourite child whom he loves immensely. I hope to continue this till my last breath.


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