Expectations Hurt

   One is mostly hurt by the expectations which he / she has from someone in life. The rash of expectations has the power to lead us towards despair. Once we experience despair we begin dissecting ourselves and the situations that led to despair. On reflecting, one finds that even though there is anger towards the situation and the person, the heart does not quit. It goes on and on with the memories / thoughts / conversations / and the roller coaster ride in that vicious cycle. Estrangement does not come that easily to many of us. One longs to be in the situation even though in despair. This is witnessed when you are in love with someone to the extent that you do every little thing for the person but still get no affection in return.         
   Many times things take a drastic turn and relations may even turn into hate stories. When so, one needs to reflect over the reasons - like the kind of words used / actions of the past and behavior. It could be that one has hurt the other in the past with little self realization. Things turned sour now due to the anger which flared up, the conversations which became shouting marches and led to the deterioration of the relation. One is never aware of the intensity of revolt and forgets that the person at the other end may be unlikely to forget / forgive and becomes resentful. Due to this the very person who is a cause of our happiness is now the reason for our sorrow.
   Remember - life is full of uncertainties and people change. It is human tendency to expect a lot from our relations. It could be because we love a lot / we care beyond measure / we can go to any extent for the person / the person is our only solace. Everyone of us expects love / respect / understanding / support and happiness from the ones we love. But what one needs to practice is to stop expecting and go on with your mammoth task of giving love without any expectations. This will save you from the bruises and fractures which your expectations will give you. Love in a way that the other person is ashamed of his / her inability to give the same kind of love to you BUT with humility in your heart towards the other. Do it with a pure heart and without malice in your intentions because love is an emotion that helps you to get better with every passing moment and it is free from every negativity.


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