Power of Despair

We have the potential to create and recreate our  life but still we are bound and governed by our thoughts. The thoughts we think determine our life. Thoughts that arise in the mind have the power  to destroy our peace as well as give us peace. Too many thoughts may sometimes create a void in the mind. They may make one lose track of the path of life or may put someone back on track.
   It doesn't take long for a person to accept defeat due to the thoughts and the pressures that they create. Your thoughts can make you lose your self esteem / become depressed / feel hopeless / become suicidal and lose interest in life. When these things happen due to thoughts there is a sense of utter despair and hopelessness that prevails upon the person. There is no direction nor any interest in living life. Nothing pacifies the thoughts nor does the person feel peaceful.
   Nip these thoughts / this state of your mind in the initial process. Do not wait for time to decrease this thoughts. Seek help from your near and dear ones. The irony is that even if the near and dear ones are aware of this state yet they preach to the person rather than empathizing or trying to sort out this hopeless state of mind. It is not necessary that a person who has problems in life may go through this phase. Even people who are happy according to the world may be going through this despair and  hopelessness. Love, comfort and solace from the near ones may help the person to come out of this. Observe the person and the pattern of his / her behaviour and do help in order to save a life that is feeling empty and utter despair.


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