Stay Away From Users

    There are people in the world around us who are experts at using us when required and once their needs are met, they completely ignore us. Many of us may have experienced this. A colleague of mine was narrating one of her experiences which left me aghast. But with the advent and extreme use of social media this has become very common. People ignore very cold bloodedly and even disappear for a long time. This kind of ghosting leaves the other party shattered because he / she is very much attached emotionally. In relations where someone is attached emotionally and deeply involved, it becomes rather difficult for the other person to cope with this traumatic experience. There are a variety of ways to ignore someone like not replying to messages / just sending bull shit emojis but not responding / being busy for that particular person but sparing time for the shittiest stuff / not meeting the other person / ghosting / showing and conveying that 'I am tired' of the same stuff / silent and cold treatment.
   Any human must be capable enough to understand the situation from these signals. Do not get emotionally and physically drained by such manipulative persons in your life. Pay heed to everything he / she does and figure out where you stand in terms of your importance in his / her life. In the age of internet and social media people have the knack of ignoring with a swag. One must understand the messages / signals that are sent. Generally people begin to ignore by giving fake / wrong responses. This signal in itself is the biggest clue to being ignored. Another signal is to continue sending one and the sames responses and emojis even when it comes to something emotional / intimate to your relation or to you. It is even witnessed by the fact that one does not reply to the messages for hours even after reading them or keeping the option of blue tick off. The person does not get affected by anything that you do nor wants to keep any strings attached. The person is always in hurry to disconnect or tells you about the workload and disconnects. There is no enthusiasm in his / her behavior and attitude towards you. Dull with you and lively with the whole world. Sometimes the person even vanishes suddenly for a span of time (ghosting). The person even gives you filmy statements like - 'I do not need to stay in touch - your are in my heart always' where the words and actions do not match at all.
   These are the signals that the opposite party is not attached with you but keeps in touch by faking responses . It is time for you to understand that this relation was not meant to be and the other person was playing with your feelings and using you. Stop draining yourself for this person and move on in life. Set yourself free from this roller coaster ride of lies and pain. Listen to your gut feeling and do what is required to be done. With so much of importance given to the individuality it is easy in this age to punish the person. I have known people who save the chats and call records of their intimate relations and this in itself is a proof of the intimacy that particular relation has. But the bitter truth is that one of the persons is no longer interested now and has started harassing the other. Respect and love yourself first. Stop getting used / victimized / manipulated by such people and take care of your emotional and physical well being because under any circumstances you deserve respect and no Tom, Dick / Harry can treat you like 'nothing'. Any person who is attached to you must respect your individuality and value you under all circumstances. 


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