Strengthen One Another

   On my way to the college I came across a woman who was seated on the footpath on the crossroads. She was selling balloons. She looked fresh as it was the beginning of the day around 9 a.m. It was the time when everyone is rushing to their workplace or dropping the kids / family member. There was a jam at the crossroads due to the RED signal. Everyone was waiting for the signal to turn GREEN. I looked out of the window and my eyes fell on this balloon seller who was grooming herself. She was applying vermilion on her head holding a mirror in her hand. I was all smiles as she was completely unaware of what was around her and was engrossed in herself. After applying talcum powder on her face she looked in the mirror and checked if she looked okay. The immediate thought that struck me was that we women always need time to groom ourselves / to dress up as per the occasion. Here was this lady so unaware of people around her. When at home we dress up and make ourselves ready we always have to be under the pressure of someone or the other. It could be the husband / parent / brother / sister who is always nagging at us for being quick. But this lady was at peace as no one was around her and she was doing everything as if she had the time of the whole world.
   This incident is not something new but what left me amused is that how that lady was totally absorbed in herself. There was no tension / sorrow on her face. What I see around me are women who are so stressed / worried / panicking / battling many health issues. I barely see women with the peace that I witnessed on the face of the balloon seller. The income which she must be earning may not be enough to make ends meet for her yet she was at peace. In contrast to that, women who are well off / who do not need to worry about their family / have everything in life are not happy within themselves. Either they are bitching about others with their women friends / shopping endlessly / eating like gluttons / fighting many physical and mental disorders / drudging around with a monotonous life.
   Every woman must reflect upon herself and find out her inner strengths in order to battle with the struggles of life. Life is never going to be a bed of roses. It is you who has to make it beautiful and meaningful. Fight the demons within that stop you from achieving what you desire. Be of help to other women and show empathy towards them. Do not be jealous of other women and try to learn whatever you do not know from those women who know it. Do not consider other women as your enemies. Respect each and every woman who works for you / with whom you work - maid / cook / or of any other profession. Stop being a bitch in the life of other women. The problem is that every woman always considers the other as her rival and all the issues begin. Women do not understand that this behavior and attitude of theirs with other women has become an issue of mockery for others, especially the men. Life will be meaningful if all women live in harmony with one another rather than entering into personal conflicts and creating a turmoil. Focus on leaning in with your tribe by knowing one another rather than seeking refuge elsewhere because no one understands a woman better than another woman.  Respect one another and embrace your flaws by trying to improvise and supporting one another through thick and thin.


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