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SSShhhhhhhh Its A Secret

     Confiding our pain, joy or secrets to someone close is one of the reasons why we have tags for the people in our life. One needs a besty to whom you can go and vent out whatever he / she wants. But if the tables turn around these sharing can be dangerous when the person has spilt out all the beans before someone. Due to this people warn one another about the distance to be maintained or a limit to be set. If you exceed this you are definitely going to pose problems for you in life. The thing to remember is that not everyone whom you consider a friend is your true friend. They may be many among those who are wolves in the disguise of a sheep. Such people are always on the move to fulfill their malice motives by stabbing you.    There are many instances of friends parting ways due to the giving out of a secret or by sharing confidential / personal secrets. One must be very cautious while sharing details of your life to someone; be it professional / personal. Most of the time it

Fear Of Rejection

   Strange as it seems, I have observed that most of us are very strong enough to handle failure. What we are unable to handle is the fear of rejection that comes with failure. It is dreary for us when the people around us perceive us in poor light. A considerable part of our identity depends on how others perceive us because humans are social animals. Our self worth relies on our apparent relative status that we hold in our social circle because the activities that happen within this circle are our mood busters. When these activities are declined to us or when they decrease we are in stress. Social rejection is a very paralyzing factor for human beings. Apart from social rejection, people can be rejected at an emotional / professional / physical level too. Due to this we never portray what we are in our true self nor do we pursue our passions. We suffer within ourselves and do not stop to please the expectations of our social circle.    It is said that those who are happy have a

Attitude to Altitude

   The thoughts and emotions that go on within a person hamper the relations / surroundings of that person. Happy thoughts and healthy emotions give a pleasant feeling to any person with whom you interact. But unhappy thoughts and unhealthy emotions entangle you into the vicious web and make you bitter towards people / situations / outlook towards life. The person who is full of negativity of this sort has developed a tendency of revisiting these emotions like gloom, resentment and anxiety and thus wastes his / her time and energy. This mode of behavior deprives them of good health, makes them ineffective in anything they do and they are highly unpopular among family and friends. Their mind is their greatest enemy. Such people are not even aware of the fact that the reason for their frustration is these gloomy thoughts that takes a toll on their life. And the ones who are aware of this do not understand how to subdue the gloom and despair that keeps visiting them again and again.

The Imperfect Past

Most of us may have watched the video of Greta Thunberg, the 16 year old environmental activist from Sweden. In her video she blames the previous generations and the world leaders for ruining the earth and making life difficult for the young generation. The way she has vented out her anger and distress at the past generations speaks of the young crop that is going to be yielded in the future. Most of the children and teenagers seriously believe that it is their parents and grandparents who have created chaos and made the world a broken world full of insecurity, economic depression and degradation of the environment.    The generation is not wrong but how valid are they in blaming the previous generations. Rather than blaming why can't the youth find sustainable solutions. If we look at the past there will be umpteen reasons for which the elderly generations can be blamed. But the beauty lies in moving ahead rather than brooding over the past. One must take into consideration t