Attitude to Altitude

   The thoughts and emotions that go on within a person hamper the relations / surroundings of that person. Happy thoughts and healthy emotions give a pleasant feeling to any person with whom you interact. But unhappy thoughts and unhealthy emotions entangle you into the vicious web and make you bitter towards people / situations / outlook towards life. The person who is full of negativity of this sort has developed a tendency of revisiting these emotions like gloom, resentment and anxiety and thus wastes his / her time and energy. This mode of behavior deprives them of good health, makes them ineffective in anything they do and they are highly unpopular among family and friends. Their mind is their greatest enemy. Such people are not even aware of the fact that the reason for their frustration is these gloomy thoughts that takes a toll on their life. And the ones who are aware of this do not understand how to subdue the gloom and despair that keeps visiting them again and again.
   One can improve the attitude by - being aware of the feelings and emotions that help / harm the mindset. One must also be aware of how to react to things that happen in life. The way one interacts with people and to the work that is being done by him / her plays an important role. Let the desirable attitude be our second nature in order to let its be woven in our subconscious without efforts. If one is able to keep these things in mind it will be rather smooth to tackle whatever happens.
   The attitude that is harbored and nurtured by us becomes our mindset. It is the customary way of our mind to think which is ingrained in our personality. To develop a good physical habit we have to keep on practicing it regularly. Similarly to make a positive mindset we have to form mental habits internally by practicing them repeatedly till they become our second nature. It is only our mindset that can drown us or give us the energy to swim in the flood of adversities. The beauty and strength of such a mindset is that it is an internal wealth of a person that keeps the person motivated, strong, free from negativity and above all lead the person from attitude to altitude despite the worst circumstances. The path to change and transformation is never easy but at the same time it is not impossible.
                                   Replace these words with their opposites and see the result.


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