Fear Of Rejection

   Strange as it seems, I have observed that most of us are very strong enough to handle failure. What we are unable to handle is the fear of rejection that comes with failure. It is dreary for us when the people around us perceive us in poor light. A considerable part of our identity depends on how others perceive us because humans are social animals. Our self worth relies on our apparent relative status that we hold in our social circle because the activities that happen within this circle are our mood busters. When these activities are declined to us or when they decrease we are in stress. Social rejection is a very paralyzing factor for human beings. Apart from social rejection, people can be rejected at an emotional / professional / physical level too. Due to this we never portray what we are in our true self nor do we pursue our passions. We suffer within ourselves and do not stop to please the expectations of our social circle.
   It is said that those who are happy have a healthy sense of self worth which allows them to live life by their own standards. These are the people who are happy being themselves and comfortable in their skin. This is because they are more self aware and have learnt to have peace with their strengths and weaknesses. They have a high sense of consciousness when it comes to their personal beliefs and values; this consciousness helps them to stay committed to their values. They are able to express themselves freely. The level of self respect is high in them and they truly understand the importance of respecting themselves which in turn allows them to earn the respect of others.
   They do not compare themselves with others but have their own yardsticks to evaluate their journey of life. They do not seek approval of others and this decreases the fear of rejection. One can do a lot of serious introspection to build a high self - worth. Love yourself for who you are and train your mind with the help of positive affirmations to control the anxiety within. One can meditate to reduce the stress levels that rise with this fear of rejection. And above all remember that - it is you who defines your worth and your life not your circle. Do not let the judgments / opinions of others let you down. Stay away from such toxic talk about you. Be it failure or the fear of rejection that it brings; nothing is more important that your well - being. The one who is happy mentally and physically rules the world. Thus rule your world and your self - worth rather than allowing it to get tarnished by the rejections of others.


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