SSShhhhhhhh Its A Secret

   Confiding our pain, joy or secrets to someone close is one of the reasons why we have tags for the people in our life. One needs a besty to whom you can go and vent out whatever he / she wants. But if the tables turn around these sharing can be dangerous when the person has spilt out all the beans before someone. Due to this people warn one another about the distance to be maintained or a limit to be set. If you exceed this you are definitely going to pose problems for you in life. The thing to remember is that not everyone whom you consider a friend is your true friend. They may be many among those who are wolves in the disguise of a sheep. Such people are always on the move to fulfill their malice motives by stabbing you.
   There are many instances of friends parting ways due to the giving out of a secret or by sharing confidential / personal secrets. One must be very cautious while sharing details of your life to someone; be it professional / personal. Most of the time it is observed that people have varied reasons for sharing things with others. The one who intends to gain sympathy would narrate instances of the struggles undergone. The ones who are genuine know how to remain strong and do not need to vent out such stories. Every human undergoes struggle in any form. Your struggle may not be what someone else has borne but at the same time it is a fact that no one is spared from the struggles of life. One must learn to be careful while narrating such instances which others are not happy to listen but have to listen to because of the disposition the person holds / any other reasons.
   Women should be very careful while giving away information and details about their life to others. There are people out there ready to use or rather misuse them and take undue advantage. Even be it with other women it is better to set a limit as you never know which news may get fabricated and may be used for ulterior motives. This happens a lot in friendships - be it between boys / girls. Once the secret is out both the friends become enemies of one another and cannot stand sight of each other. To avoid these situations, it is better to mark a line that will always warn you about what you must share and what you mustn't. Remember, everyone in life is waiting to wash dirty linen in public. It is thus advised that one must thing umpteen times before venting out before someone.   


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