The Imperfect Past

Most of us may have watched the video of Greta Thunberg, the 16 year old environmental activist from Sweden. In her video she blames the previous generations and the world leaders for ruining the earth and making life difficult for the young generation. The way she has vented out her anger and distress at the past generations speaks of the young crop that is going to be yielded in the future. Most of the children and teenagers seriously believe that it is their parents and grandparents who have created chaos and made the world a broken world full of insecurity, economic depression and degradation of the environment.
   The generation is not wrong but how valid are they in blaming the previous generations. Rather than blaming why can't the youth find sustainable solutions. If we look at the past there will be umpteen reasons for which the elderly generations can be blamed. But the beauty lies in moving ahead rather than brooding over the past. One must take into consideration the technological advancements in all fields which were made by the past generations. There are many positive things given by the past - massive steps for poverty reduction, increase in life expectancy, lot of material wealth and many more which would not have been possible without the past generations. Rather than brooding and blaming the past; the youth that is practical and well informed should find solutions with the experience and expertise of the elderly.
   The baby boomer generation that cribs about the earth being destroyed  by the Second World War, does not understand that despite all this, there has been a huge progress after the war too. The baby boomers just want to protest and complain about the past, but do not have solutions to rebuild the world / rebuild their future. The past may be imperfect but it has its own unique beauty. It has its own positives too but yet the millennials and youth only focus on the negatives instead of working to make their future better.
   One can accept the past; one cannot undo the past. But one can definitely change the present for a better future. The young generations must learn to channelize their energy in the right direction with all their creativity and energy to create a better world. They must be positive and full of hope. They need to be one in humanity and one with nature to solve the problems of today. They can devise holistic wellness and lifestyle in order to make their future bright by using digital networking, creating awareness among the people regarding matters pertaining to ecology and include spirituality in the solutions they invent to make the world worth living for them. 


  1. Nice Youngster really need to understand the hardships of older times & situation on those days


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