Perpetual Waiting

   Some persons are 'perpetual waiters' who spend the time of their life in waiting. They are habituated with waiting; either small scale waiting like waiting at the station, waiting in line at the mall / traffic jams. Some wait for the right time to do what they want to do, some for the next holiday, some for the children to grow up - all these are examples of large scale waiting. People spend their life waiting for the right time to live a life of their desires.
   This waiting is the state of mind of a person and is a signal that you are just stressed and worried about your future and thus you end up wasting your present. This stresses you because you get so busy in reaching your future destination that one reduces the present to merely a means to get there. When one wants to be in the future rather than living in the present; one is crushed in a split that is lacerating you deep inside. This way you are being instrumental in accelerating the aging process in your body as it creates a repository of the past in your psyche.
   If you notice that you or someone around you is into the toxic ride of being a perpetual waiter please do help the person to get rid of this. Teach yourself / the other person to live in the present. To just be; enjoy the state of being. Be in the present to enjoy the joys of this beautiful life given by God the Almighty. Once you begin to live in the present you no longer will be nursing the need to wait. Wait to explore and enjoy your present rather than waiting for the pleasure of the future on which you have no control. Live every moment fruitfully with gratitude to God. Do what is to be done to improve your present without worrying about the past or the future.


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