The Bigger Picture

    During an argument or a disagreement with someone, most of us operate from pride almost at all times . Whenever there is a difference of opinion between two persons what hurts the most is the pride not the difference. If someone is asked to submit a report to another colleague to maintain transparency and ensure smooth functioning; why should that person feel bitter about it? This bitterness is nothing but pride and is not at all related in anyway to sending the report. We humans are capable enough to turn simple things into complicated issues. There are many who have the tag of being a "complicated mind". The pride within the person narrows down to one's wants  / likes/ feelings. If there is compassion instead of pride the person would be living life on a huge canvas with a bigger perception.
    When differences arise do not get into your toxic circle of what you want; instead try to look at the situation with a wider perspective. Watch your mind, is it giving you labels like, 'I am right', 'I can't tolerate this' ' I am hurt'. Learn to be impersonal and you will realize that these are just thoughts which come and go; they are neither truth nor reality. We all must practice this mindfulness towards our thoughts.  One day there will be a time where you will learn to ignore your self talk and accept the difference without giving it a  label. It would be great to put things through the filter of compassion. Humans must learn and practice to operate from compassion at every level for every relationship. If we do not do this we are going to be victims of our own narrowness. Everyone must practice compassion and kindness  till the last breath in order to be happy and at peace.
  We are all living  through the mechanism of wanting, desiring, craving and proving our self. This is a genetically inherited flaw. Right from our childhood we have been doing this; grabbing toys / people / position and what not. This has made our mind like a bank that is full of acquisitions but the feeling of security that comes along is a wrong one. Any mind that is addicted to acquisition begins to get conditioned and one loses the capability of living life wisely. Due to this a retired person ends up feeling depressed and deeply hurt because he / she feels everything is snatched away from my life. Let us understand the significance of giving rather than taking to end the acquisition drama which we have been involving since our birth.


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