The heart wrenching and tragic case of rape and murder of the 26 year old veterinary doctor has left many women like me in a shock. Yet what is our system doing? Do we need to file a case and go through the procedures for such barbarians? They should be immediately killed without wasting time and resources. The intensity of the torture and the pain the girl must have felt is something unimaginable. What thoughts must be going on in her mind? Was she in that state to fight or did she fight? How miserable and devastated she must have felt!!! Watching the news made me numb; unable to think what the girl must have felt; tears rolling down my eyes. There is genuinely no safety in our country for girls. Our country is expert in filing cases and following procedures with no results and years of time wasted. There is a huge protest against those barbarians. Do those bastards deserve this? They just deserve a brutal death like the way they treated the doctor. At times I feel the judicial system in our country has gone to dogs. With loads of pending cases and more cases coming up every day; people wait for their turns to gain justice - a futile process.
   The real justice for such barbarians is to kill them without any mercy as they never showed mercy on the girls whom they raped and murdered brutally. Gujarat is safe as compared to other states and that is the reason people who migrate to Gujarat do not want to go back to their states. I wonder what must be the state of the women in other states. Till now I have heard stories and incidences of the inhuman behavior which the women bear. When I meet women from other states I feel that their life is really hopeless and miserable than the stories and incidences I have heard about their states. Is our country ever going to change? Is the theory of feminism and gender equality just recorded on paper or is it being followed throughout the country? Is the Indian society open to accept the transition which the Indian women are bringing? Whenever I think of all these questions; I know it at the bottom of my heart that things will never change unless the people change.
   The worst thing is people just change at the surface level. Deep down in their hearts they are the same hounds who are eager to pounce on the women around and humiliate her in every way. Even now women face many hardships when it comes to protecting themselves and their identity. The ones who shout about these things are not good in the eyes of the men. They are bossy, very advanced and are not marriage material. A girl is bossy because she has leadership skills; be a man and take her orders if she is the boss / behaves like one. She is advanced because she has the vision, financial independence and is vocal about her choices - positive /negative. If a man feels that a particular girl is not 'marriage material' then definitely he is looking for someone who is meek, humble and submissive to him. Do not be that woman who allows herself to be treated as a doormat.
   A woman is much more than her body and beauty. If as a woman you are killing yourself every moment by doing things you are not happy doing then you are in the wrong direction. The one who loves you will never want you change. He will accept you as you are; and support you at every step. He will never crush your desires; he will give you the freedom of choice. Learn to stand up for yourself. No one in the world understands you better than yourself. Understand your self, trust your instincts and move on in life like a fighter. Do not be disheartened by unfavorable situations; have the plan and courage to turn the unfavorable into favorable. Be fiercely brave and strong internally and externally to withstand the storms that come into life like a warrior.


  1. Really need to change the mindset of people. Women deserves the respect respect as in our vedic term she is the shakti & the creator. Very disheartening incident of Hydrabad.


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