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Stay Young Stay Alive

We all keep on thinking about the past and planning for the future. But can we see our future ? Why can't we stop looking at our past ? The fact is nothing exists except the present neither the past  nor the future. How many of us live in the present? We all are slaves of our mind that keeps on thinking either about the past or about the future. Happy  and lucky is the person who is is able to live in the present. Such a person is a young mind that is neither childish nor old.    Actually speaking we human beings never pass through youthfulness. It is because we directly move from childhood to old age. This is because of the pressures of education system, the burden of our studies, the expectations of all around us and many other factors that deprive us of our youthfulness. We are fitted in a system that is rigid and competitive. We are not able to break away from the shackles of these demons in the form of our education system and competition. We ran a race and we expect our

A Valuable Shift

   In any relation be it mother - child, brother - sister, husband - wife or among friends one of the other parties always feels a lacking. Whatever one does is never enough. Due to this there are many issues that happen. Sometimes this leads to a rift in the relationship or one of the other person is dejected and feel that there is nothing left in the relationship. Say for example a wife that performs the duties that are required of the family but one mistake  from her side makes the husband feel that that he is not getting enough. Due to this the wife is always under tremendous pressure and they may be lot of fights and arguments between the husband and wife. This applies to any relationship because whenever one of the party feels that what what he or she is doing is ultimate and weighs the behaviour of the other without considering the troubles and pain the other person undergoes in fulfilling the duties; there is a huge toll on that relation.    It is our human tendency to alw


   The weekend before today made me feel very depressed and low. It was the 50th Golden Jubilee Celebration at my school and a reunion for all batches. How I longed to be at the event; but things turned out in a way that I could not be present there. Like all my other batch mates who could not make it to the reunion; I too was going through the phase of FOMO, (Fear of Missing Out). I felt nostalgic through the phase of these 3 days and memories kept on haunting me. Tears of joy and sorrow kept visiting my eyes many times. I felt as if I missed out something which I would never ever witness. I was highly elated to see all my friends enjoying the event from all the pictures and videos which they shared. But the pang of not making it to the event will linger forever within me.    This FOMO is such a strange phenomenon. Actually it is for those internet users who have a fear of missing things on the social media and keeping abreast of everything that happens. According to Wikipedia so

In Pursuit of Relatable

  With whom do we communicate at a deeper level? What kind of people do we like to meet / interact / be friends with? Ever wondered why we find some persons relatable and why do we reject others? The reason is our yearning for sameness. We try to find similarities with which we can relate. Man's hunt for this sameness has led him / her dramatically to some thing or the other. The most transformative among these were the findings and exposing of shared experiences which we literally know as the "Me too" movement.    This is the decade where DAE - 'Does Anybody Else' reached a new level of indulgence by people who were in the pursuit of relatables / sameness. Under DAE, posts like - DAE escape to the washrooms to get rid of people during gatherings? DAE love to watch movies back to back? DAE avoid bathing in the winters? DAE get nervous and anxious during presentations? DAE feel annoyed at unwanted surprise guests? This decade witnesses many DAE and memes that