The weekend before today made me feel very depressed and low. It was the 50th Golden Jubilee Celebration at my school and a reunion for all batches. How I longed to be at the event; but things turned out in a way that I could not be present there. Like all my other batch mates who could not make it to the reunion; I too was going through the phase of FOMO, (Fear of Missing Out). I felt nostalgic through the phase of these 3 days and memories kept on haunting me. Tears of joy and sorrow kept visiting my eyes many times. I felt as if I missed out something which I would never ever witness. I was highly elated to see all my friends enjoying the event from all the pictures and videos which they shared. But the pang of not making it to the event will linger forever within me.
   This FOMO is such a strange phenomenon. Actually it is for those internet users who have a fear of missing things on the social media and keeping abreast of everything that happens. According to Wikipedia sources, (not sure of its authenticity) Dr. Dan Herman in 1996 identified this term. He was a marketing strategist and he wrote a paper after researching over it and published it in 2000. Later in 2004, an author named Patrick J. McGinnis coined the term FOMO. It deals with mainly the missing out of social media and its events and feeling left out due to staying away from the social media. Apart from this it makes one feel that he / she is not able to spend time while others are lucky enough to be a part of a particular event and enjoy it. This is what I felt when I was looking at all the videos and pictures in these 3 days. The millennials today they suffer from FOMO because they are under tremendous pressure of saying yes to everything in order to stay in the race.
   FOMO has huge negative impacts. It never allows you to stay away from social media. It does not allow you to spend your time wisely on meaningful things. It keeps you overwhelmed and you feel sweaty and anxious. It has the capacity to trigger loneliness and boredom in you. An addict you become; you cannot invest in quality time at the personal / professional front but remain totally glued to social media and its events. The negative impact that it creates in the psyche and body of an individual have many grave consequences. One must learn how to cope with such thoughts and try to stay in touch with reality. Accept reality as it is rather than trying to change it. The more you try; the more disappointed you will be. Go with the flow and things will definitely follow in place. I know its difficult when you really want to be at a place / event because I have experienced it. I was feeling devastated not being lucky enough to go and be a part of the reunion. But social media helped me to live those moments and kept me nostalgic throughout these days. May God bless all the lucky batch mates who could make it for the reunion and may the bonding grow strong with you all. A hearfelt gratitude to Chirag, Hemal, Roopin, Atit and all who made this reunion a success. Thank you to all who shared the pics and videos. Even though I was absent, I relived many magical moments due to your efforts and this saved me and helped me to cope with FOMO.
                                                                      My Beloved Teachers and Classmates



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