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A Broader Vision

   Do we ever give a benefit of doubt to our inner circle, i.e. our nearest and dearest ones?  Whenever we converse with our family -  parent / spouse / child / sibling / bestie we often operate through the vision of our preconceived notions and the earlier experiences we have had with them. Everyone feels that we know our near ones very well and this thinking of ours does not allow us to keep our heart and mind open to them during conversations. This ideas that are fixated govern our present interaction and the trajectory of our future relationship with them.    Children and animals are blessed with the power to forget easily. But an adult - a dangerous and horrifying species on the planet has the power and capacity to carry the knowledge of an earlier negative experience in the heart, mind and eyes; thus influencing all interactions by looking for a hidden agenda. Due to this there is barely any harmony left in the interactions with our inner circle. The adage 'Fake it unt

It Doesn't Matter

   Why do we try to prove our worth to others? Are we not capable enough to see our worth? Being a highly intelligent lot; we still seek validation from others. We want others to accept us but we ourselves are unable to accept our 'self' as it is. Due to this we keep on trying to prove ourselves to others so that they accept us. But does it really matter? Are they worth it? On reflection the answer will be a negative one. To be acceptable and to hold worth in the eyes of others we spend most of the time of our life. Life would definitely be very different, worth living and beautiful if everyone of us stops draining the self in the pursuit of proving our worth.    One needs to understand that the world doesn't bother about you. It doesn't care what happens to you or what you do. Everyone comes to you for one or the other reason. Some come and fulfill their desires through you and sometimes your desires are fulfilled through the help of others.We all meet one another