It Doesn't Matter

   Why do we try to prove our worth to others? Are we not capable enough to see our worth? Being a highly intelligent lot; we still seek validation from others. We want others to accept us but we ourselves are unable to accept our 'self' as it is. Due to this we keep on trying to prove ourselves to others so that they accept us. But does it really matter? Are they worth it? On reflection the answer will be a negative one. To be acceptable and to hold worth in the eyes of others we spend most of the time of our life. Life would definitely be very different, worth living and beautiful if everyone of us stops draining the self in the pursuit of proving our worth.
   One needs to understand that the world doesn't bother about you. It doesn't care what happens to you or what you do. Everyone comes to you for one or the other reason. Some come and fulfill their desires through you and sometimes your desires are fulfilled through the help of others.We all meet one another in the journey of life for some or the other valid reasons for which we have no say as God, the Almighty decides this. God never designed us to prove who we are before others. We need to stop entering this vicious cycle of torture that we inflict upon our self.
   Whatever someone does to you is a reflection of is / her life. You do not need to worry about being even with that person; whosoever he / she is. God is going to deal with the person at the right time based on his deeds. Why should one waste time on trying to get even with such people? The ones who love you will accept you as you are. You don't need to prove your worth to them. In the process you are doing harm to you psyche and disturbing your mental peace and getting exhausted physically and mentally. Respect yourself the way you are. Stop thinking what others think of you.You know your 'self' the best.Do not fear the judgments / opinions / criticism of others because that's the only level they have and no one can match your level and uniqueness. Break the shell and stop thinking what others feel because it really does not matter to them or others as much as it matters to you. Live in peace with yourself by respecting and loving yourself as a person.


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