The Trial

   Never did anyone of us ever anticipate about a pandemic and the lock down that followed it. None of us ever thought that we would all be compelled to stay within the house to save one another. Life was running at a very busy pace and then came a sudden standstill all around us. The ones who complained about not having time have all the time of the world now but are not in the frame of mind to do what they want to do. It's a time where the mental stability of every person is to test. The same space, people, routine and activities have given birth to anxiety, depression, gloom and a lethargy where in one doesn't feel like doing anything.
   How difficult it must be for those who are in quarantine? What would be the state of those who are away from their family / city/ village? To be isolated in a place where you do not know anyone and even if you know someone what is it that can be done? Nothing, nothing at all. Man always thought of himself as a superior and powerful species on the earth but God proved that he is most powerful and no one is superior to him. May be this is God's way of answering to our sins. Before the corona effect the country was in chaos due to CAA and other issues and now everyone is strangled within the four walls of their houses. The only thing that matters for every person is one's safety and well being. The plight of daily wagers is scary and miserable. Thanks to the government and various NGOs who have taken the initiative of providing food packets and grocery. People are donating money as they are unable to go out and be of help. This is proof that compassion still flows in the heart of mankind.
   Killing time at home is a tough task because when you are at home you just want to be at home. Howsoever one tries to engross the self in other activities it becomes difficult to continue. Only the ones who are firmly determined and dedicated can manage to do what they decide. The feelings and moods I have during this phase are annoying to me; as I have never felt what I feel now. I try to read something and I do not enjoy it. I watch a movie and it feels boring. The cycle of cleaning, cooking, eating and sleeping is unbreakable as of now. In the noon time for 2-3 hours I end up lying on the bed and keep on thinking weird things about the current situation and missing my classroom and students. The Whats app university is the worst of all; with hundreds of messages and videos related to corona and the fear it evokes within me. Too many forwards and fake information on social media have created a chaos in our minds.
   Let us hope that the lock down is not extended further and we all get going with our work and normal life. Pray that the number of positive cases do not increase and our country is able to control the pandemic. In this testing time, we have understood and realized the value of the real joys of life. We now genuinely value our near and dear ones and realize that family is the most important factor that keeps us happy and alive in our life. Let us be strong and firm in our Faith in order to rise like a shining star after the lock down with immense physical and mental strength.


  1. Yes very true...really waiting for dawn after a dark night....hope everything to be a dream & back to normal after getting up


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