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The Pursuit That Makes You Weary

   The book titled 'You Do You'  written by Sarah Knight has a chapter titled 'There is Nothing Wrong With You'. Talking over it in an interview, Knight says, "If you insist on making one resolution - it must be to accept yourself for who you are; not to beat yourself up over what you are not (e.g., thin enough, rich enough, stylish enough, in -a -relationship-enough). You will get more out of cultivating confidence and swagger than by enumerating all the ways in which you are deficient - by your own impossibly high standards or anyone else's". Ironically every human in the world is headed for improving the self to death . Be it self - help gurus, the self - help boom, the Instagram healers and the forwards of the Whats App University all are shouting at the top of their voices in unison - become better before you die. Everyone on the planet wants to be perfect, more efficient / focused / productive as all intend to optimize their happiness.    This b