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God's Chosen Angel

       A day like any other day yet I am happy and relaxed because its Mothers's Day. I swell with pride as I look at my child. Nostalgia hits me as I wake up to the memories of the past. I recall the day that came as a blessing to me before twenty years when my son was born. Each and every moment very distinctly has its impression on me. I smile with joy all alone thinking of those moments. Most of the mothers must be nostalgic today. This is what we mothers are made of - a plethora of emotions, selfless love for the child and over protectiveness. Many of the children today do not approve this behavior of their mother. The generation today wants space and seclusion yet they seek attention. This is because they are the children of the Internet age where the frames keep on changing very quickly and leads to a situation which they are unable to handle. You go too close to them; you are  prying into their privacy and are over protective. You let them be; they feel left out and neglect