God's Chosen Angel

   A day like any other day yet I am happy and relaxed because its Mothers's Day. I swell with pride as I look at my child. Nostalgia hits me as I wake up to the memories of the past. I recall the day that came as a blessing to me before twenty years when my son was born. Each and every moment very distinctly has its impression on me. I smile with joy all alone thinking of those moments. Most of the mothers must be nostalgic today. This is what we mothers are made of - a plethora of emotions, selfless love for the child and over protectiveness. Many of the children today do not approve this behavior of their mother. The generation today wants space and seclusion yet they seek attention. This is because they are the children of the Internet age where the frames keep on changing very quickly and leads to a situation which they are unable to handle. You go too close to them; you are  prying into their privacy and are over protective. You let them be; they feel left out and neglected. A tough time for a common Indian mother who tries to do everything in her capacity and beyond to keep her child happy. Still, there are many mothers who live in constant guilt of neglecting the child and going for work., having her me time or doing something of her choice.
    Why should mothers develop a guilt when they are doing their best? Why is it wrong for a mother to do what she wishes? But this is the predicament of many Indian women or say all the mothers. She always has a sense of lacking towards her child. Working women who are multi-tasking and fulfill their duties suffer the most from it. Whenever a group of working women meet they share this bitter fact with one another. Nothing can assuage the guilt and pain that a working mother feels when she leaves her child home and goes to work. I remember the time when my son is at home form his hostel and I am at work. Throughout the day I wish time whirred by so that I could get back home. Knowing the fact that he must be busy with something or watching TV even after I reach home, I cannot get rid of this heart wrenching guilt. I wonder why working women feel this. I mull over this but have never come out with a solution. 
   The lock down is the time when we mothers can spend more time with our children and try to understand them. Despite the humdrum routine work when I go and sit beside my son I go ballistic. We can talk on various things and argue with one another to understand one another more clearly. Never will such a phase be back again where we all are at home in the company of our family. During these days of lock down I plan the menu for meals surreptitiously to tease my son as he is very eager to know what is going to be cooked. I do not tell him unless he sees the table laid. This is my way of teasing him and showering my love by preparing dishes that he loves. He enjoys annoying me with his questions over what is going to be served at the table. 
   My heart goes out to those mothers whose children do not respect and honor their mother. Yet these mothers - an epitome of endurance, patience and strength continue playing their role effectively. Every child needs to remember one lesson - "Your mother will never curse you for your misconduct, insensitivity and whatever wrong you do to her but her heart cries and her eyes shed tears in the night thinking about it. God will never forgive you for the tears of sorrow that you give to your mother." Talk to her with love, respect her and be her strong support. Help her with the household chores, give her the required rest and take great care of her emotional, mental and physical well being because she is the chosen one by God who is the symbol of selfless love and forgiveness towards her child..


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